TYSB Superyacht Service. Marine E-CONTROL ENGINEERING.

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(Electrical control System Engineering)

Where there's a will there's a way.

       Custom engineered control system serves to increase equipment' efficiency and reliability.


  • Sensors and instruments calibration
  • Existing control and automation system analysis and improvement
  • Obsolete equipment replacement
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration plant modernisation (bespoke systems design)
  • Hydraulics control
  • Tanks control and monitoring
  • Engine room' automation (fuel transfer, exhaust valves control, etc.)
  • Bow and stern thrusters control
  • Automated doors control
  • Rig' load monitoring
  • Pumps / valves control
  • Etc.



All designs based on reliable top quality hardware and an engineer's friendly HMI (human-machine interface).



Hydraulics control, Air conditioning plants control, tanks control and monitoring, pumpsand valves control and monitoring

Complete system design, software and installation.